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Did you get a phone call from a phone number that you did not recognize? Was it a telemarketer? If so, do you want to know who it was and to prevent them from calling you again? Then search our large database of phone numbers to find what others are saying and find out how to stop that number from calling you again.

Read Spam Reports

One of the best ways to find out information on a phone number is to read what other users have to say about the number. Our large community of users is always contributing by commenting on their experience with phone numbers that have called them.

Not only can you read the spam reports but you can also see which reports were the most helpful as voted by the users. This feature allows you easily see the comments and reports that were the most helpful to others.

Add Phone Numbers To Your FAVS

When you bookmark a phone number (or add it to your FAVS as we like to say) you can track and be updated if there is any activity on that phone number. You have the option of being alerted by email or SMS (text message) if there are new spam reports on the number, or if our research team found the owner of the phone number, or if we have added steps on how to stop the number from calling you.

You may add as many numbers to your FAVs as you would like. Adding numbers allows you to organize the phone numbers that you are interested in and the alerts allow for you to be automatically updated if there is any new information on that phone number. You do not have to keep coming back to Faveous.com to see if there is new info - we will automatically alert you. :)

Organize and Search

Faveous confines your favorite phone numbers, that’s a good start. Our powerful search engine allows you to search our large database of phone numbers at lighting speed and find what you are looking for in an instant.

You can also, and you really should, organize your list of phone numbers by adding them to your FAVs and setting up alerts on the numbers that you want more information on.

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